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Know the latest ideas and tips about living room artwork

Know the latest ideas and tips about living room artwork

A living room is the most accessible place at home because it is a centralized part of your home where you can do everything and enjoy with your friends and family members.

Everyone would always like to make the best and innovative artwork to make a living room impressive at all.
When you have decided to import the artworks in your living room, first of all, you should have to understand what to use, where to use such artworks and how to use them together to make a pleasant look at your living room.

A living room is not actually complete without at least minimum amounts of artworks. Implantation of the different artworks will surely give you the drastic changes on the walls, flooring and all other parts of your living room.

Types of art for living room

Artworks would not be expensive and any person can buy such impressive range of artworks in order to make your living room looking great and impressive. Everyone can decorate your living room walls with the simple artworks for a very minimum amount. The living room artwork ideas actually include,

·       Kid’s artwork frame

·       Jewelry, keys, silverware and some other mementos mounted in the shadow boxes

·       Frame pages from the old books

·       Fabric samples or frame wallpaper according to your individual needs

·       Washi tape art and etc.

Where to hand the artworks in the living room?

Above the sofa

If it is the living room at your home, most of the homemakers would love to hand several artworks probably over the sofa. But a very big mistake which has been done by the several numbers of people is to use the too smaller size of art pieces.

Once you have decided to hand the arts above your living room sofa, it is highly necessary to choose the artworks at least about two-thirds the actual width of the sofa.

When you are willing to hand group of art pieces, generally the same rule will be applied to get the pleasant appearance. It is also necessary to make sure that a space between every frame is the same which is approximately 2 inches to 3 inches.

Over a mantle

In order to hand artworks over the mantle, you must consider a height as the main factor. It is better to hand the arts about 4 to 12 inches above according to the height of the available mantel.

Either side of your living room window

When the individuals have drapes on your living room windows, you have to make sure that you have enough room between the walls and drapes. Then only, your artworks will not look too crowded. You have to leave at least 4 to 6 inches on each side for this purpose.

Tips for photo walls & grids

When you are hanging several pieces of artworks on the walls of the living room, they will definitely make a greater impact. The following are the essential tips to be considered for hanging your arts.

·       Plan your photo wall by placing art pieces on the floor in front of the wall.

·       While hanging several art pieces together, you have to think all of them as one unit.

·       In the photo wall, it is crucial to have the focal point. Place a large piece in the center and remaining pieces randomly around it.

·       If you are making a suitable grid, it is important to hand such pieces at the correct distances from each other.

·       In the grid, you have to use the same frames for getting an organized look.

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